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welcome to a brand new day. it's thursday july 7th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. definitely feels cooler out there this morning. let's check in with steve paulson for the forecast. >> thank you very much, pam and dave. we have much more extensive fog bank today. lifting a little bit. yesterday around 500 feet to 1,000. it's going to move a little further inland locally. 60s 70s 80s and now low 90s. already a decent breeze out to the delta. if you're on interstate 880 traffic is doing very nicely here in front of the coliseum if you're heading north to oakland or south to hayward shouldn't be a bad drive. san mateo traffic on 92 westbound looks pretty good. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. all right, sal. right now crews are working to get the water back onto dozens of people in lafayette right now. the problem started last night about 10:30. a water main broke at the intersection of mt. diablo boulevard and village center. ktvu's tara moriarty just talked to east bay mud. she's back now. what did they say?
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>> reporter: well, they say they haven't pinpointed the break exactly just yet but they do believe it's underneath the sidewalk. if you take a look behind me you can see where the guy is jackhammering a chunk of the sidewalk out so they can get to it. east bay mud has been here for the past four hours or so. they say the water pressure actually blew most of the dirt out where you see the ladder in the hole over there. now crews tell us this is an 8- inch cast iron pipe that ruptured. they will remove that section of damaged line and replace it so they can turn the water back on. there's about 100 people in this area around mt. diablo boulevard and village center drive without water right now. it happened about 10:30 last night. the water flooded a nearby office building and flowed down street into a home's garage. the homeowner just moved here from seattle and he says all of his moving boxes are now water logged. >> fire department was helpful. we built a makeshift barrier in the back to try to keep the water from coming in the back door from the garage. >> reporter: now workers do not
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have a time line on when that pipe will be fixed. they are pumping the water out right now and they will hopefully get a look at that pipe so they can get a better idea of exactly what they're dealing with. live in lafayette, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. well, one man is now fighting for his life following a shooting at a popular east bay hiking trail. ktvu's christian captain tells us it happened last night on the delta dianza trail in pittsburg. what else can you tell us about this? >> reporter: at this point investigators are still looking for the shooter. we have been in contact with the pittsburg police here and we are trying to get new details about this case. investigators tell ktvu that emergency crews responded to the running trail about 8:45 last night. [ audio problems ] shot wound. firefighters performed cpr and stabilized the victim enough to take him to an area hospital. no word on his condition at this point but we are hearing that the victim was shot in the
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head. now this is the latest attack in a string of violence along the trail. in may a man was shot along the trail and in june a woman was assaulted and when a good samaritan try today come to her aid that person was assaulted as well. now pittsburg police and east bay regional park police are investigating this latest case. coming back to our live shot we can tell you that we are going to try to talk with some investigators here in pittsburg about this investigation. we'll try to bring you the very latest details as we uncover them here. for now live in pittsburg, ktvu channel 2 news. some of the bay area men who survived that fishing boat accident in mexico may be headed home this morning. we want to show you video shot by the mexican navy just moments after they were rescued late sunday. the survivors were so exhausted they had to be carried and then lifted into that helicopter. 35 tourists and crew members were thrown from the boat during a sudden violent storm on sunday. they spent 16 hours clinging to
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coolers and life vests before they were found. seven fishermen from northern california are still missing. they are waiting for news of their husbands don of san ramon and gene of dublin. lee's son-in-law plans to travel to sanify lee pay to join the search. >> he is strong as an ox. he is definitely a fighter. he's in great shape. i believe that he'll use every ounce of his being to stay alive. >> state senator yee says that mexican authorities told him the search will extend beyond the typical 96 hours. tonight one of the bay area activists who tried but failed to deliver humanitarian aid to palestinians in the gaza strip will come back home. the u.s. ship the audacity of hope remains in athens, greece. now it was turned back by the greek coast guard when it tried to challenge the israeli naval
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blockage of gaza. 65-year-old henry nor of berkeley is set to return tonight. time now 5:04. in just a couple hours president obama and congressional leaders meet at the white house trying to work out a deal on raising the nation's debt limit. coming up for you at 5:15 we'll have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom on a compromise the president may be ready to offer to republicans. a hearing begins in a couple hours on a proposed bill to abolish california's death penalty. the bill written by state senator lonnie hancock would convert death sentences to life in prison without parole. more than 700 inmates are on california's death row now but only 13 have been put to death since 1978. senator hancock says more than $4 billion of the taxpayers money has been spent on legal fighting over the death penalty. a judge in marin county is expected to rule tomorrow on accused serial killer josef
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naso's latest legal request. naso says his case is far more complicated than he first thought and now needs legal help to defend himself against four murder charges. earlier he told the judge he wanted to save money and could act as his own attorney. the former freelance photographer has more than $1 million in assets. time now 5:05. police trying to determine what caused the death of a woman whose body was found at a west oakland hotel. the police were call today this hotel on 28th street yesterday morning. the woman's boyfriend reported her death and has been detained for questioning. police say the woman's body had signs of trauma. they're treating this case as a possible homicide. an autopsy is scheduled for today. the name of the woman has not yet been released. a man is recovering from serious injuries this morning after he was hit by an airport shuttle van. it happened on international boulevard near 80th avenue in oakland just before 8:30 last
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night. now we're told the male victim is in critical condition. one passenger was riding in the van at the time of the accident. time now 5:06. an east bay family wants your help this morning to find a missing mentally disabled man who hasn't been seen since the 4th of july. he is 20 years old. here's his picture. he was last seen monday at the bart station wearing the clothing you see here in this photo. if you have any information about him, call the police. a missing cyclist from berkeley has been found in roseville. police say 29-year-old anthony mike martin voluntarily left for personal reasons and that he was never in danger. his girlfriend reported him missing saturday after he didn't come home. there was some concern at first that he might have been hurt after his cell phone was found on the street. police investigators plan to question him. 5:07. want to go back over to sal to check in on traffic this
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morning. sal, what's going on? this morning we have the tree down we spoke of last hour on the connector ramp from highway 12 from 101 to highway 12 in santa rosa. it's a large tree and it is blocking that ramp. you're going to see some slow traffic. they say this ramp is not going to be cleared for the next 45 minutes or so. 101 southbound to westbound 12. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic does move well here coming into the -- from oakland to san francisco. and this morning's commute looks good on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17 with no major problems. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. well, our cooler pattern coast and bay yesterday and even a little bit inland even though we had 90s it's all shaping up to be a cooler -- well, next couple of days even those who don't get a sea breeze because temperatures will be coming down here. low clouds near 60 very foggy for some. fog then sun breezy 70s around the bay. still warm maybe too hot for
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some of you but upper 80s and low 90s. getting out of the upper 90s and low 100s. tropical moisture continues to fire up over the southern sierra. lots of reports of thunderstorms and downpours and some flooding. for us the fog has filled in completely. i mean it's there. you can see some of that near tahoe, most of that activity should move off towards the east now as we get more of a southwesterly direction. and upper atmosphere not conducive for thunderstorm activity. 51 santa rosa. little chilly up there. 53 san rafael. low 60s for some. now a lot of mid-50s. when you get that west- southwest 20 about 20 fairfield. southwest at vacaville that's a delta breeze. and so once that's in place then the leading edge of the system that's on its way is right there and that will begin to move into the pacific northwest and hang out. foggy on the golden gate bridge maybe along highway 101. inland areas come down good four to eight degrees. cooling trend commenced yesterday for some and really
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begins today and take us into friday and the weekend. low clouds, fog, cool to warm. but the on shore wind or delta breeze is there. temperatures even though there's upper 80s low 90s the trend is down and 60s 70s closer to the coast and also the bay. looks like we'll continue this theme of cooler pattern into friday, saturday then just keep it there for a while. all right. time now 5:09. a british scandal newspaper finds itself in the middle of a scandal of its own. the reported way the news of the world got its story that has the british public pretty upset. new revelations about the u.s. operation that sold guns to drug cartels in mexico. the reason the f.b.i. is being criticized. good morning. westbound highway 4 traffic is busy in contra costa county. we'll find out where it's getting busiest on this very same highway coming up.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. time now 5:13. in just a couple hours a white house summit meeting aimed at reaching a deal cutting the budget deficit takes place. we're less than four weeks away until a very historic and possibly cast trophic default on the nation's debt could occur. scott mcfar lane live in our d.c. newsroom with more. >> reporter: talk about reforming social security in
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today's negotiations. the white house will offer changes to the system to stop costs from rising in social security, but also offer "significant cuts in medicare." what remains to be seen will republican leaders respond by agreeing to new taxes on america's wealthiest people and perhaps cuts in tax breaks to big oil companies. just days of negotiations left until the hard deadline to raise the debt ceiling. independent economic analysts pleading for just some type of deal. >> i think the financial system is not recovered. the problems in europe are extreme. and this just adds some additional fuel to the potential fire. >> reporter: this white house debt summit with the president, vice president and congressional leaders set to begin here in washington in about three hours. live this morning, scott mcfar lane, ktvu channel 2 news. a british tabloid is coming under fire following reports that it hacked into personal cell phones of celebrities and crime victims.
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people protested against the paper. news of the world outside the british parliament. that's after reports surfaced that the tabloid hacked into the cell phone accounts of victims, celebrities and politicians. british actor hugh grant is one of those who says his phone was hacked. >> what we're going to find out in the next weeks and months is that this wasn't just the news of the world. i almost feel sorry for them they're taking the rap for the malpractices of the entire industry. >> just within the last hour we learned that an attorney who represented the family of princess diana's boyfriend at the time of her death has been told that his voice mails may have been hacked. the attorney says he was informed of the possible hacking by scotland yard. the transportation safety administration is investigating a gun arrest last weekend at ontario airport in san bernardino county. they arrested a passenger after airport x-ray equipment detected a loaded gun.
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it was the fourth gun found at the airport during the screening process this year. guns are allowed in checked bags, but they must be unloaded, packed in a locked container and made known to the airline during check in. time now 5:15. vallejo police want your help now tracking down a robbery suspect. now here's surveillance photo they released of the suspect. take a look at it. police say he demanded money from a woman while holding a gun. she was taking out cash from a bank of america atm. this happened at the springtown center on may 5th. now if you recognize the man in this photo, you're asked to contact vallejo police. also we're learning more about a u.s. government program that was supposed to stop guns from going to mexico but instead was sending them there. investigators now say the program called fast and furious used an f.b.i. informant to buy the guns. now he was a former drug kingpin who had been deported.
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>> we have confirmation of f.b.i. and d.e.a. being involved. now we want to know whether there's other people in justice above those people involved. >> the justice department insists it was cooperating with congress to the extent that it could. they didn't answer whether the f.b.i. knew the guns were going to mexico. tonight solano county's planning commission will vote on a new wind farm project, but the idea is raising concern. a sacramento based nonprofit group says the project could hurt local birds including some that are protected. they say the latest environmental report shows two hawks were killed by nearby wind turbines in the area. consultants with the project say they will provide safe habitats for the birds. time now 5:17. let's see what sal is seeing on the roads now. it is early and we do have some things to watch out for there. first of all ramp from 101 to 12 in santa rosa is going to be
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blocked by a large tree that's down in that area. and that's going to cause a little bit of a traffic jam. they say this is not going to be cleared until about 5:45 or so. crews are out there with chain saws trying to get it out but it's still blocking the ramp. move the maps here. i want to move it to the vallejo area. westbound 80 traffic from pinole down to richmond looks pretty good so far. and if you're driving to contra costa county westbound highway 4 still is not a huge slow down. it's early yet coming out of antioch to concord still drive without a huge slow down. also this morning we're looking at the east shore freeway coming out to the berkeley area. it looks pretty good. no major issues the traffic is going to be moving nicely as you drive to oakland. and if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco there are no major problems there. the traffic looks pretty good. looks like something may have just popped up on our screen here. let me refresh my information from chp.
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it looks like westbound 24 before wilder road there's a brand new accident there. we'll follow that up for you and have more on it next time around. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. well, we have a big fog bank out there. and it's rather solid. it's been there for a couple days. each day it's lifting a little bit. that's allowing the delta breeze to establish itself. it's there today no doubt about it. warm for some but temperatures inland starting to come down. still a few areas will hold on to the low 90s. that's out towards the valley or up in lake county. you can see the fog there is really thick. some thunderstorm activity continues to erupt over the sierra nevada. few high clouds could drift in but the trend is to take that more off to the east as low pressure moves in. it will usher it out of the area. low 60s, 50s and 60s. santa rosa down to 51. san rafael 53. the city's 53. oakland 54. there's a little bite to the morning air. west-southwest fairfield 18 vacaville southwest 9 therein lies the delta breeze even southerly, southeast or
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southwest for napa or sea that rosa and it all equals cooler. first part of the system beginning to move into the pacific northwest. see how it's carving itself out. that will hang in and hang out for the next five, seven maybe ten days. that's what our forecast projections are showing as high pressure system which has been near us gets bumped out of here and settles into the middle of the country where it will be really hot and humid. for us the cooling trend showing here now and we'll continue that into friday and probably into the weekend and beyond as well. just subtle variations. no extreme one way or the other looking ahead. low clouds, sunny and breezy. there's a delta breeze. cooler inland. 60s 70s coast and bay and low to mid-80s for some. hold onto 94 for clear lake. fairfield today 88. low 90 pittsburg, antioch, brentwood. 88 walnut creek. alameda 67. pleasanton one more day at 90. same for livermore. morgan hill 88. gill roy 90. 82 san jose. 80 sunny vale. 78 redwood city. 77 san mateo. 60 daly city and 65 in san
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francisco. low clouds and fog will win out and so will cooler inland temperatures. most global markets are on the rise this morning. hong kong's hang sang and south korea's posted biggest gains overnight as most markets shrugged off a weak growth report from the u.s. japan slipped slightly after hitting record highs earlier this week. and shanahan and tie juan markets fell more than half a percent after china announced an interest rate hike. checking in on the numbers it looks like the futures point to a higher opening this morning. we do have weekly jobs report coming in this morning. there's also a few other smaller things coming in that could effect things. we'll keep an eye on that and get the opening bell in just about an hour. this morning japan's biggest business newspaper predicts the japanese auto industry will see a 35% drop in profits this year. the report says four of the country's top seven car makers
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will see a drop off in production because of damage from the earthquake and tsunami in march. toyota and honda are offering 0% financing to try to improve sales. all right. time now 5:21. alameda county has 24 new firefighters this morning. and for some of them this is the second chance at their dream job. well, the state is experiencing these rough weather conditions right in the middle of summer. good morning. if you're driving in the south bay so far we have a decent commute but we've been watching some things pop up. this is a live look at 237. tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. we have a cooler pattern in store. in fact even inland see 80s and now low 90s. good delta breeze. foggy near the coast here this morning. time now 5:25. look at this. this is what you call hail. and it is beating down on colorado in the middle of summertime. it's part of a very severe thunderstorm system there cold front moved in earlier this week and it's setting the stage for summer storm. a fire at a sacramento trailer storage facility. now the fire sent all of these plumes of black smoke into the air yesterday evening. several nearby businesses were
5:26 am
evacuated as a result. three people were treated at local hospitals. they were breathing in the fumes of all this. sacramento's fire department recently reduced the staff of its hazmat crew. roseville's fire department reportly helped get rid of the chemicals. this morning alameda county is welcoming 24 new firefighters. [ applause ] >> last night the recruits were sworn in at a ceremony in castro valley. for some this is not their first time. four of the new alameda county firefighters previously worked in san jose but were let go last summer because of budget cuts. >> work so hard day in and day out to get the career you wanted and unfortunately a turn for the worst. >> alameda county's fire chief says having these experienced people on his roster is a win for the department. and the competition was tough. more than 2,000 people applied
5:27 am
for the 24 empty spots. this was the largest class of recruits since 2005. time now 5:26. today is the second day of the women's national conference. now the event began yesterday. they had a big gospel concert at the center of hope community church in oakland. today there's going to be a job fair and free health screening for the ladies. this runs between 11:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. it will feature companies like safeway, walgreens and even the city of oakland. well, a witness now talking about sunday night's deadly bart police shooting in san francisco. and her story is different than the one that was given by police officers. >> reporter: we are live in lafayette where we have a water main break. we'll tell you the exact location and let you know how many people are without water. also today is sentencing day in the casey anthony trial. the challenges she'll still face even if she's allowed to walk free. good morning. 237 traffic looking pretty
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good. so is 280 traffic in san jose. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news thursday july 7th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's 5:30. let's check in with steve paulson for the forecast. hi, steve. hello, pam and dave. we have more low clouds and fog and a delta breeze. inland areas which were near
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100 for a couple days and upper 90s now looking at upper 80s and lower 9 0z. around the bay thick fog especially around the golden gate bridge. sunny, breezy and cooler for many today. here's sal. right now traffic looks pretty good here as you drive past the coliseum. no major problems here. also the morning commute is going to be busy on 80. but as steve mentioned some of that fog is really thick on the golden gate. parts of san francisco, parts of san mateo county. so slow it down and make sure that you can have pretty good visibility before you speed it up. 5:31 let's go to the desk. in overnight news one man is now fighting for his life following a shooting at a popular east bay hiking trail. it happened last night on the delta regional trail in pittsburg. park police found the young victim lying on the trail. he had been shot in the back of the head. but it's still not clear what led up to that shooting and police are still looking for
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suspects. this is the third violent incident on that trail in the past three months. time now 5:31. new information this morning and it's coming from a witness of sunday night's deadly bart police shooting in san francisco. and this comes as the police say they plan to release surveillance video from that scene. she says she saw the whole thing as it happened at the civic center station. she says the man who was walking towards police but it was not in a threatening manner. she says they should have tasered him instead of shooting him with their guns. bart police say the man was aggressive and he had a bottle and a knife. they are expecting to release surveillance video once all witnesses have been questioned and if the san francisco district attorney says he'll allow it: right now crews are on the scene of a water main break. a pretty big one in lafayette. this happened last night about 10:30 at the intersection of mt. diablo boulevard and village center. ktvu's tara moriarty is there.
5:33 am
you've been there for a while. so what's the latest, tara? >> reporter: well, the crews just brought in a backhoe to try to wedge this portion of sidewalk up. you can see the guy behind me here with the jackhammer trying to do the job as well. they believe the break is located underneath that portion of concrete. east bay mud has been here for several hours. they say once the pipe ruptured the water pressure create add good size hole next to the sidewalk where you see the ladder right there. crews tell us this is an eight inch cast iron pipe that broke. they will remove that section of damaged line and replace it so they can turn the water back on. about 100 people in this area are without water. it happened ability 10:30 last night. the water flooded a house nearby. and the homeowner had just moved here from seattle. he says now all of his moving boxes are water logged. >> i went to bed and could hear the creek running what i thought was a creek running. so i got up, looked out the
5:34 am
window and looked like reflection of water in the backyard. >> reporter: now workers don't have a time line on when the pipe will be fixed. they are pumping water out right now. they just brought in the vacuum to push all the water out so they can get a better look at the pipe to see what they're dealing with. there is one portion here mt. diablo boulevard blocked off. you can see vehicles behind me here. and then on this side of the street as well over here this is more of a residential area. so hopefully it won't get too bad this morning but we'll of course keep you posted. live in lafayette. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. well, an elderly santa cruz county woman was killed in a crosswalk in what appears to be a freak accident. she died in a collision with a skateboarder. it happened tuesday while mary ann was taking her daily walk to the beach from her home. police say a large truck had stopped for her as she stepped into the bike lane to cross the
5:35 am
street. that's when a 17-year-old boy on a skateboard slammed into her. >> heard a thump and looked up and saw a woman lying in the street on a curb in a pool of blood. and a kid saying ma'am, ma'am, are you all right. >> the teenage skateboarder was not hurt and no charges have been filed. but the santa cruz county d.a. is now investigating. police say it is illegal to skateboard in that area. time is now 5:35. well, the man, the thief that san francisco police say stole a sketch may have been captured on camera. take a look at this video. this is from the security camera near the union square art gallery that the art work was stolen from. the owner says he looked at the footage after hearing about tuesday morning's burglary. >> we went through the footage and we saw at that time a man fitting the description carrying a sketch and walking
5:36 am
by the front. >> police say the man in the video does match the suspect's description and he does appear to be carrying a painting. they say after taking the $200,000 painting, the sketch off the wall, he jumped into a taxi cab. that surveillance video from the cab is being examined as well. you can get a better look at that surveillance video at our channel 2 website we've posted it in the right now section. time now 5:35. 27 hours from now the space shuttle atlantis is scheduled to be on its way to the international space station. the countdown is on for this the final u.s. shuttle launch tomorrow morning. however at 5:45 we'll find out just how likely it is whether the weather may once again delay the liftoff of a space shuttle mission. and cal fire is losing a very important fire fighting tool just as the fire season starts. they will no longer have the use of the dc10 one of the nation's largest fire fighting
5:37 am
jets. the state just canceled its contract with the company that rents out this super tanker because of budget cuts. these jets by the way can carry up to 12,000 gallons of fire retardant. most recently it was deployed to help without wild fires in arizona. the 25-year-old mother cleared of murder charges in the death of her daughter may walk out of courted to a free woman. but holly joins us now from orlando with word casey anthony has a new set of problems to deal with. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yeah, casey anthony is due back in the courtroom this morning to hear her fate. although she was released from some of the more serious charges, she still faces four misdemeanor counts for lying to police during the investigation of the disappearance of her daughter caylee back in 2008. after three years in custody, casey anthony could be set free today. the 25-year-old faces up to four years in jail on four
5:38 am
misdemeanor counts of lying to police. but many legal experts believe she'll be sentenced to time served. but her saga is far from over. >> have you ever sexually molested your daughter, casey anthony? >> no, sir. >> reporter: after anthony's defense attorneys painted her family as disfunctional during her seven week murder trial it's unlikely she'll return home with her parents. >> i don't see how this family reconciles. there's so much blood drained out of the system it's almost impossible to heal something like this. >> reporter: and anthony is expected to face financial and legal challenges. the state of florida is planning a hearing to decide how much to charge her for investigating the case. and the search firm that helped look for her missing daughter says it's considering a lawsuit to recoup the $112,000 it spent on the effort. >> this is moneys that really
5:39 am
needed to go to people that needed us. >> reporter: anthony's defense attorney fears for her safety. >> i'm afraid for her. i don't think it's fair. >> reporter: but he insists anthony has a life ahead of her and can still be a productive member of society. and court is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. eastern time here. we've seen that casey anthony's defense team is already in the courtroom and we should know her fate in about 20 minutes or so, pam. >> all right. thank you holly there in orlando for the update. time now 5:39. let's get an update on our commute. sal, what are you seeing out there? things are beginning to get a little bit busier out there dave and pam. traffic is moving along pretty well in some areas though. so it's not all bad. golden gate bridge and steve has been mentioning it we thought we'd show you how foggy it is here on the span. now you can't even really see that tower that we normally see. and it's especially foggy on the tunnel in the areas near
5:40 am
the golden gate bridge. parts of san mateo and san francisco county. slow it down and don't use the high beams in the fog. all those good things you learned in driver's ed. move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. the fog is not real problem here at the bay bridge toll plaza. contra costa county highway 4 at g street we have an accident in the westbound direction and traffic is slow even after that crash as you head out west on the two lane portion of highway 4 looking at the commute on highway 4 all the way out to 80 the traffic still looks pretty good. 80 westbound between vallejo, pinole and richmond going to see traffic on westbound 80 looking good. eastbound 580 -- i'm sorry westbound 580 heading over to the richmond bridge already some crowded traffic heading west. at 5:40 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. and we do have low cloud deck here from roof cam looking downtown oakland you can see some of the gray over the bay as it moves inland. much higher fog bank than we've seen the last couple days.
5:41 am
that all equals cooler. more pronounced sea breeze, delta breeze, everything's falling into place. just takes a couple days. cooler pattern started really on the coast yesterday and around the bay. you probably felt it inland even though we had some 90s. low clouds, fog, westerly breeze or southwesterly breeze. few high clouds are coming up blow off from pretty good thunderstorm activity down towards riverside county and off into the sierra. some of those could drift up towards santa clara valley. we only expect high clouds. as the direction of the wind turns southwest we'll start to push that out of here but there are a few just lifting up right there coming in towards central california. i'll mention it but probably won't amount to anything. santa clara valley 50s and 60s but some low 50s. santa rosa 51. west-southwest 18 fairfield. northwest san jose cooler direction coming over the bay. south santa rosa. that's a cooler direction. when it comes southerly surge is what we call that. everything in place as that system begins to dig into the
5:42 am
pacific northwest. you can see that right there. looks look it's going to move in behind that enhance that cooling into early next week. low clouds, very foggy on the golden gate bridge also along maybe the coast. four to eight degrees cooler inland as that high packs its bags and heads to the middle of the country. the cooling trend started and continue into friday and hang out there for a while with temperatures 80s inland. highs are coming down. still another day of some 90s like clear lake 94 degrees. 81 sonoma. 88 fairfield. 90 pittsburg. 88 walnut creek. 70 oakland. 67 alameda. hayward 74. fremont 79. morgan hill 88. gill roy one more 90 and tomorrow should be in the 80s. 68 san bruno. half-moon bay 62. more fog, cooler weather friday and into the weekend as well. well, it is the biggest dust storm phoenix has ever seen. wait until you see the thick layer of dirt left behind as the clean up is just beginning. plus another major step for
5:43 am
gays in the military. good morning. if you're driving in the east bay so far so good with traffic in oakland looking pretty good here in front of the coliseum. tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
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welcome back. time now 5:45. look at this. the big clean up underway in phoenix after that giant dust storm covered the area. and sky harbor airport here. this is the focus of most of the work. now tuesday night's storm left behind that thick layer of dirt. the big focus now is on pressure cleaning the planes and runways. those crews will be working out there for the next several days. here's a quick look at some
5:46 am
of the other top stories we're following. a man fighting for his life after being shot at a popular east bay hiking trail. this happened last night on the trail in pittsburg. it was a third violent incident at that park in the past three months. also right now work crews are trying to get the water back onto dozens of people in lafayette. the problem started when a water main broke about 10:30 last night at the intersection of mt. diablo boulevard and village center. and a search for the zone northern california fishermen is going to extend beyond the 96 hours they've been in the waters off mexico's coast. their boat capsized and sank in the sea of cortez during a violent storm sunday. 35 other people have been rescued. the final space shuttle mission is scheduled to launch from florida tomorrow morning, but the final chapter in the 30- year-old shuttle program could be delayed. jim spellman is at the kennedy space center this morning where the one thing nasa can't
5:47 am
control is becoming a big factor. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. nasa tells us there's only about a 30% chance they'll be able to takeoff in the liftoff window tomorrow morning. if not try again on saturday if not try again on monday. atlantis in space marks the end of the era of the shuttle program. from the first mission over 30 years ago to the final launch of atlantis scheduled for friday morning, the shuttle program has defined american space travel for a generation. so far in 134 missions the five shuttles have taken 355 astronauts into space traveling over half a billion miles building the international space station and turning the heroic into the routine. twice their triumphs turned to tragedy. in 2003 when columbia broke up on re-entry. in 1986 when challenger exploded just after liftoff. >> we will never forget them
5:48 am
nor the last time we saw them. >> reporter: the final mission will take four astronauts all of them shuttle veterans into space for 12 days where they will deliver supplies to the international space station. >> we are just delighted to be here after a very arduous nine month training. >> reporter: the program comes to an end with no clear future for american space travel. a new vehicle capable of taking astronauts deep into space is being planned but it could be years before it's built and longer before it makes its way to space. >> we are not ending human space flight. we are recommitting ourselves to it and taking necessary and difficult steps today to ensure america's preeminence in human exploration for years to come. >> reporter: until that new vehicle is up in space, u.s. astronauts will have to rely on hitching rides with the russian space program. and hopefully soon private industry will come in to help companies like space x and
5:49 am
virgin galactic hope to have their own manned vehicles coming up in a few years. back to you. >> all right. jim spellman at ken day space center. thank you. the pentagon says it will comply with the federal ruling to immediately end the military's don't ask don't tell policy. the ruling from the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco orders the obama administration to immediately end enforcement of the ban on gays serving openly in the military. congress had already voted to repeal the ban and the pentagon is expected to certify the change this summer. all right. time now 5:49. let's get you to where you need to go. sal's an expert of that. >> yes, sir. we're trying to help you out in all the bay area counties. let's go ahead and take a look at alameda county westbound bay bridge and see a little bit of -- i wouldn't eastbound say any sort of traffic jam just more people showing up. but the real crowd doesn't get here until after about 6:15 or
5:50 am
6:30 you have a few minutes here to have a cup of coffee and hang out with us a little longer. nearby interstate 880 oakland if you're trying to catch your flight at the oakland airport right now the freeway seems pretty clear heading down there. and if you are on 80 westbound the traffic here on the -- between vallejo and pinole is actually pretty good from the bridge on down to the 580 interchange with 80. but highway 4 still has some slow traffic here. and there's a crash westbound 4 at g street. also some slow traffic after that heading west. at 5:50 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we have a lot more low clouds and fog today. you can see that. gray over the bay and a cooler pattern. noticed it yesterday. if you're inland still warm but not those upper 90s or 100s. we're getting out of that pattern. fog, sun, breezy, low clouds and fog. more low clouds now. last couple days it was the foggy pattern. fog then sun breezy for the bay. inland warm upper 80s or very
5:51 am
low 90s in areas that were about 99 to 100 just two daysing a now inching downward in the trend. continue that way probably into tomorrow and then just kind of settle there for a while. seven to ten day outlook is on the cool side. fog though low clouds and also tropical clouds coming around pretty big thunderstorm activity down in riverside, san bernardino county, parts of san diego and along the sierra. all the tropical moisture coming around the high pressure system which is moving instead of being in the desert southwest or four corners it's heading over to the middle of the country. 50 in santa rosa. that's the coolest low we've seen in a long time. low 60s fairfield, concord, livermore, san jose 53 san francisco, 53 san rafael. there's a northwest wind for san jose. was a south wind for napa and also santa rosa. that's a cooler direction. and west-southwest or southwest from fairfield to vacaville and a south at sacramento. that's all cooler direction. courtesy of that system right there as the low moves in it's going to just bump the high out of here. that will open the door to the sea breeze which is there but it's lifting.
5:52 am
the fog now allows it to get over some of the coastal hills. delta breeze is in place. 60s, 70s 80s still a few 90s holding on. lake county, cool off tomorrow. pittsburg 90. berkeley 68. 79 fremont. 88 morgan hill. 87los gatos. daly city at 60. fog is back. cool pattern for the coast and cooler inland tomorrow and right there into the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. well the labor department just released the latest unemployment report and it is better than expected. new claims fell to 418,000 down 14,000 from the week before. and about 15 minutes earlier another report shows hiring jumped by 157,000. that beats analysts forecast. but more important monthly report for june comes out tomorrow. the wall street journal reports apple will start selling a new version of the iphone by the end of september.
5:53 am
paper says the new phone will be thinner, lighter and will include an 8 megapixel camera. this is interesting. new survey by hilton hotels shows 36% of americans would take a free vacation with their boss. only 14% of those questioned say they'd pay double the price to vacation with their favorite celebrity. 15% of travelers would rather spend ten hours on a plane with crying children than drive ten hours with no music or entertainment. and 50% preferred the sounds of silence during a long drive. i don't think i've ever had the sounds of silence during a long drive. >> you won't either. >> no. time now 5:53. he's used to facing down baseball's toughest hitters. how will the rocket do in the courtroom? how roger clemens is waiting out the search for a jury for his steroids trial.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back to the morning news. it's now 5:56. it is day two of jury selection in the perjury trial of hall of fame pitcher roger clemens. the judge hopes to find 12 jurors and four alternates by early next week. now some big names in baseball could take the witness stand once testimony begins. the list of possible witnesses includes former super stars barry bonds, mark mcguire,
5:57 am
sammy sosa, wade bogs. it was a great night for nate. >> is at the wall. it is out of here. >> he hit his second home run of the game. bottom of the 14th inning, yes, the 14th inning. the giants won 6-5 over -- i'm sorry, pam, the padres. it was a marathon became. ended late last night. so the two teams wrap up their series tonight at at&t park. and we have to mention the oakland a's beat the mariners 2- 0 yesterday as well. >> i'm a giants fan. >> i know. >> and a padres fan. >> i know that too. >> it's where i grew up. my home team. >> it's your childhood team. >> exactly. got to stick with them. >> i understand. didn't watch that last night. had to go to bed. happy to hear about it right now. good morning everybody. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on 280 northbound getting up to 880.
5:58 am
that traffic is doing nicely. also this morning we are looking at the sunol grade. it's been a good drive into the south bay. you can still jump ahead of the crowd. also checking out contra costa county. we've been keeping an eye on this pesky accident. highway 4 at g street just won't go away. the traffic is obviously jammed up in that area. if you're driving on western contra costa freeways, vallejo, pinole and richmond not a big crowd. back to dave and pam. thank you, sal. coming up on 6:00. dealing with a soggy mess in one east bay neighborhood where streets were flooded by a water main break. dozens of homes have no water. also a frightening shooting on an east bay jogging trail and a man is fighting for his life this morning. good morning. lots of low clouds and fog. temperatures inland will be cooler. how much cooler? we'll have the forecasted highs in about two minutes.
5:59 am
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